Campaigning in 2017

With Len Duvall, Sadiq Khan and Liam Curran

Working with Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

Underground dispute

Mayor Sadiq Khan says the strike will "cause misery and disruption to millions of Londoners."

London Underground staff are due to walk off the job for 24 hours at 6 p.m. (1800GMT) Sunday in a dispute over jobs and ticket-office closures.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union left last-minute talks Saturday without an agreement being reached. The smaller Transport Salaried Staffs Association is still meeting with management.

Transport for London, which operates the network, says all central London underground stations will be closed during the walkout.

Sustainability and Transformation Plan - STP

Following publication of the NHS Five Year Forward view, all NHS regions in England are required to work together and with their local councils to produce a Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) for local services.

Lewisham Council we will continue to fight for quality services locally. There are current budget pressures across SE London and the STP shows the funding gap and proposals for change.

The STP for SE London is on the web site -

Heidi Alexander spoke during the Opposition Debate in the House of Commons on the 14 September 2016 - speech here raising several concerns.

Congratulations to Harriet Harman

Longest continuously serving female MP

I am delighted that Harriet Harman, MP for Camberwell and Peckham has become the longest continuously serving female MP. Harriet has served in various roles on the front bench - Social Security Secretary in Tony Blair's first cabinet; Commons leader and equalities secretary under Gordon Brown.

She served as Labour's deputy leader, under Gordon Brown's premiership, and as acting leader after Mr Brown stepped down following the 2010 general election and in 2015, when his successor Ed Miliband quit.

Harriet has long campaigned for more women MPs and more family-friendly policies.She stated that the EU is important for equality, human rights and has backed equality, and rights at work. Voting to leave has put at risk equal pay, paid annual, maternity and paternity leave and the protection of agency workers. The EU ensures minimum standards and without this guarantee, it would be left just to the Conservative Government, who have never stood up for human rights, and equality or fought to improve people’s living conditions.

Our health services need people who come from other European countries to work as nurses, doctors and care workers. We need to get the terms for Brexit right - King’s College Hospital is a centre for medical research and treats many local patients.

The UK has received over £700million of EU funding for medical research projects. A further £60billion of funding has now been made available to EU countries with the UK receiving the most approved grants so far.

With Cllr Janet Daby, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Cllr Maja Hilton

Elimination of Violence Against Women

The White Ribbon Campaign

To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25 November) I have been wearing a White Ribbon.

Overall domestic abuse-related crime makes up 8% of total crime. Reported domestic abuse incidents recorded by the MET police have increased year on year from 2007/08, rising over 70% by 2015. More people are reporting this abuse, however many still don’t as they are too afraid. On average two women a week are killed by their partner or ex-partner every week in England and Wales.

We have seen progress in the fight to ending this abuse. At the end of last year coercive or controlling behaviour against an intimate partner or family member was made a criminal offence. 95 out of 100 domestic abuse survivors in one study reported experiencing coercive control, however it can be very hard to identify. In the first six months the newly introduced law was used just 62 times. This type of abuse can often involve control over normal day to day actions and police are working with Women’s Aid to help recognise these signs.

For many years I was the Secretary of Lewisham Womens Aid and we found that working in schools is so important to tackle the issue of bullying and ensuring that schools follow the Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance. There is a campaign to extend this to include the issue of sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools.

Young people who experience abusive behaviour can be led to believe it is acceptable and these ‘norms’ can be carried on through to adult life. Teaching and intervening at an early age could make young people safer and less open to abuse.


Outcome of EU Referendum Thursday 23 June 2016

The Labour Party supported remaining in the EU and we are now working through the vote to leave. In Lewisham we had a good result with a 70% turnout - 70% to remain in the EU and 30% to leave.

Alan Johnson was the Chair of the Labour In for Britain Campaign and stated that "Britain is better off in Europe. It is clear that being in the European Union brings us jobs, growth and investment. The EU has helped to secure workers’ rights and make consumers better off too. That’s why Labour is in for Britain."

Jobs: Millions of British jobs are linked to our EU membership. £26.5 billion is invested in Britain by EU countries every year. British workers benefit from EU agreements on workers’ rights, including the right to holiday pay, paid maternity and paternity leave, anti-discrimination laws, equal pay and protection for agency workers.

Exports: Exports to the EU are worth £227 billion a year to the British economy. The EU is Britain’s biggest export market: almost half of all of Britain’s exports go to the EU.

Security: Thousands of criminals, including terrorists, have been arrested under the European Arrest Warrant.

Being in the EU enhances Britain’s global influence and allows us to take our place at the top table. We will now have to spend the next few years negotiating the best deal we can.